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Shaw Family Living History

This wiki site is meant to hold information about the Shaw family, also known at the Shaws of Bushy Park, and Clan Shaw.

The impetus for starting the site was to post my Grandfather's (Jocelyn Frederick de Fonblanque Shaw) writing on his Twenty Two Years of Soldiering in Peace and War which is about him being a solider in the British Empire. Please check it out.

All are invited to add content to the site.
To add content to the site you need to have an account opened for you by the site administrator. I will gladly open an account for anyone and send the login credentials via email. Please email or call me, John Shaw of Los Angeles, to open your account. My email and phone number are obfuscated to hinder their detection by web crawling bots.
Email address: admin "at sign"
USA phone number one-310-88three-3274.

The necessity for admin created user accounts is an attempt to head off excessive spam from marketers who target well known software like the one used in this wiki.

Once you have your account, use the links below to get started using the software to add content.

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